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Theme of a Child Sex Crime Case in Texas

Cases involving sex crimes against children are complicated, sensitive matters. Although a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, he or she is often guilty in the court of public opinion.

Defense attorneys in sex crime cases must work to establish their clients as people and to thoroughly tell the story in a way that makes sense to the judge and/or jury. One important tenant of sex crime defense is determining the theme of the case.

Establishing the Theme

It is an unfortunate fact that many people are charged with committing a sex crime against a child as the result of false allegations. If you have been charged, your defense attorney’s most important job is to determine the source of these false allegations and why they have been made. This will inform the theme of the case.

The more your attorney understands you as a client as well as why you have been accused of a sex crime, the better he or she will be able to tell your story to the judge or jury. Employing this storytelling technique and carrying the theme of the case throughout all of the legal proceedings will enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome in your case.

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