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Houston, Texas Molestation Defense Attorney

Molestation Charges in Houston

A person can be arrested and charged with molestation he or she has engaging in unlawful sexual activity with a minor under the age of 17. A person facing charges for this crime will likely endure invasive questioning and accusations.

Penalties and Consequences

If convicted, penalties may include mandatory registration as a sex offender and a jail or prison sentence.

A molestation conviction, as with any sex crime, can result in consequences that go beyond the serving of your punishment. Following your conviction, you can see your personal and professional life come completely undone, with no possibility of ever being able to repair the damage.

The Importance of an Attorney in Molestation Cases

Hiring an attorney can substantially improve your chances of avoiding these consequences by fighting for a resolution that is beneficial to you. Attorney Ned Barnett has practiced sex crime defense for many years and knows how to aggressively defending you in the courtroom.

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