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Houston, Texas Super Aggravated Sexual Assault

Texas Penal Code §22.021 defines the offense of aggravated sexual assault as the intentional and knowing penetration of a victim, regardless of whether it is of their sexual organ, mouth or anus. In many cases, this is a crime that is carried out through the use of violence, force, threats or even the use of a deadly weapon. As a result, the State of Texas takes a hard line against those accused of this serious offense.

There are enhancements to some sexual assault charges under Texas law if  the victim: was under six years of age; under 14 years of age and suffered serious bodily injury; was put into fear of his or her life; or was administered drugs during the commission of the crime. Under these circumstances, the  charge will be elevated to super aggravated sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault.

Penalties for this offense include 25 years to life in prison without the possibility of parole, which is one of the harshest penalties available, short of capital punishment.

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