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I’ve Been Charged with a Child Sex Crime in Texas

Being arrested and charged with a sex crime against a child is a confusing and terrifying experience. Although you may want to plead with anyone who will listen that you are innocent, there are some steps that you need to take—and avoid—to help your case immediately after your arrest.

What to Do First

The most important thing to do if you have been charged with a sex crime against a child is to say nothing. Many people damage their cases by speaking to the police, neighbors and friends about the case and their comments are taken out of context.

After you are arrested, you need to make bond and hire the best lawyer that you can find as quickly as possible. The only person you should speak to after charges have been filed against you is your attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney

An experienced child sex crime defense attorney needs to start an investigation into these allegations immediately. He or she will need to start gathering discovery material from the prosecution right away. Time is not on your side, so the earlier your attorney can get started the better.

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