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Recent Houston, Texas Sex Crime Case Wins

Question: Can you describe some of your recent Texas sex crime case wins?

Answer: I don’t discuss any particulars of my other clients’ cases with anyone. This is a very personal and protected area. But I can tell you this: I win the majority of my cases as a result of extensive preparation, experience, the ability to create a reasonable doubt in the story telling the allegations against my client. We do this by showing why the story might be fabricated, whether there’s a divorce going on between my client and the mother of the child; sometimes my client is the stepfather and the child is not accepting the stepfather in the home and is trying to get him out of the home. Sometimes my client is attempting to discipline the child and the child takes offense in that and doesn’t want to be disciplined and makes up an allegation against my client. There are many ways I create reasonable doubt to obtain not guilty verdicts, far too many to discuss here, but the bottom line is we do everything possible through extensive preparation to win your case.

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