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Spouse Accused of a Sex Crime Against a Child in Texas

Being accused of a sex crime—especially a sex crime against a child—is a very serious matter. What should you do if this happens to a spouse or loved one?

Do Not Speak to the Police

The most important thing you can do to help a spouse or loved one who is accused of a sex crime is to tell them not to talk to anyone about the case. Child Protective Services (CPS) and the police may request an interview with your spouse. Discourage them from speaking to these agencies.

Find the Best Attorney

The second thing you can do is to begin researching experienced sex crimes defense attorneys in your area. Your spouse or loved one will need to find the most qualified, skilled attorney possible to fight against these allegations.

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Sex crime defense attorney Ned Barnett has been successfully defending clients accused of sex crimes for decades. His track record of case wins combined with his extensive experience in this field, make him one of the most respected sex crime defense attorneys in the Houston area.

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