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Psychological Evidence in a Texas Child Sex Crime Case

Psychological evidence is often a powerful component in a sex crime case that involves a child victim. Once allegations of sexual abuse or assault have been made, the child will likely be interviewed by Child Protective Services (CPS) and a psychologist. The statements that the child makes during these interviews can be used as evidence against the defendant.

Problems With the Interview

Although it seems as though such statements would be straightforward and difficult to defend against, the fact is that there are often errors in the way that children are interviewed. Even highly trained professionals can err by asking a child leading or suggestive questions that can shape his or her response.

Manipulation of Child Witnesses

What’s more, many children have been coached or coerced by a parent or adult into making false statements to investigators. The motive is often for one parent to gain the upper hand in a custody dispute.

No matter how carefully a child’s psychological evaluation was conducted, there is always the potential that it contains inaccuracies. It is important that your defense attorney investigate this testimony from all angles, and possibly even call in assistance from an expert witness, to determine the truth in the testimony.

Defense Against Sex Crime Allegations

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