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Houston, Texas Prosecution Does Not Have DNA Evidence

Although DNA evidence is often a linchpin in cases on television and in the movies, you may be surprised to learn that the prosecution does not have to have DNA evidence to charge someone with a sex crime against a child in Texas. In fact, having DNA evidence is the exception more than the rule.

Why DNA Evidence is Not Required

The reason that DNA is not required in cases involving sexual assault against children is that charges are often filed against a suspect years after the alleged incident occurred. In other cases, a child under the age of 17 may have had sex with an adult and the defendant claims that it was consensual. Under those circumstances, the fact that a sexual act occurs is not in dispute; in fact, a person under 17 may not consent to sex. This is statutory rape.

Aggressive Defense No Matter the Evidence

The bottom line is DNA is not required as evidence in a case involving sexual assault against a child. This means that the prosecution will gather other types of evidence in order to formally charge someone with this serious offense.

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