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Texas Sexual Offender Registration

If you are convicted of any sexual offense in Texas, you will be required by law to register as a sex offender. In fact, even if you receive a deferred adjudication probation, the court will still treat this as a conviction and require you to register.

Some offenses only mandate 10 years of sexual offender registration. However, the vast majority of sex crimes in Texas carry the penalty of a lifetime registration.

As a registered sex offender, your name, picture and address will be public record, available for anyone to access on the Internet.

A Lifetime Sentence

Life as a registered sex offender is extremely difficult. You will likely face challenges in finding a place to live, securing employment and even going about your daily life.

Under Texas law, registered sex offenders cannot live near children or where children congregate. Many potential employers will not look favorably upon a sex crime conviction, which can make finding a job nearly impossible. What’s more, you will have to report your whereabouts to the police on a regular basis. Simply put, if you are a registered sex offender, you cannot live a normal life.

Protect Your Future

If you have been charged with any sex crime in Texas, the only way to avoid the mandatory sex offender registration is to win your case. To take the first step in fighting for your future, schedule a free consultation with the Law Offices of Ned Barnett today.

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