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Houston, Texas Sex Crime Charges

When you've been accused of sexual assault, it is one of the most intimidating charges around. They do prosecute these cases very aggressively, and the statutes get more serious every year. There are some charges that carry penalties of 25 to life where there's no possibility of parole; you serve your sentence day-for-day if convicted.

Every case is unique, and I have to investigate the person making the allegation - whether it be an adult or a child - to find anything we can to destroy their credibility, and to find a motive to lie. Whatever the motive may be, we have to analyze that and be prepared to show the jury what that motive is and why there's a reasonable doubt about whether or not these allegations are true.

Nobody's your friend. Everybody presumes you're guilty, and it's very important to have somebody that has handled a lot of these cases handle your case. I've prosecuted these cases and I've defended a lot of these cases. I have expert witnesses and investigators and we know exactly what to do on these cases to help get you out of them.

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