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Sex with a Minor in Houston, Texas

Sex with a minor is a charge that can refer to statutory rape or sexual assault of a child. Statutory rape is differentiated from typical rape charges in that it involves the consent of the underage individual.

Minors and the Three-Year Rule

In the State of Texas, the age of consent is 17; however, there is a “three year rule” in the statutes. This rules states that if two individuals engaging in sexual activity are within three years of each other (provided the younger is at least 14), the older of the two cannot be charged with criminal statutory rape. In the event that the younger individual is under the age of 14, the older individual can be charged with sexual assault of a child, which is considered a first-degree felony. Penalties for this crime include up to 99 years in state prison.

Defending Against Charges of Sex With a Minor

If you have been charged with engaging in sex with a minor, you should contact an experienced lawyer who can examine the specifics of your case and determine whether the prosecution committed any errors or rights violations in their investigation against you.

Attorney Ned Barnett is dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of those charged with sex crimes in the Houston area.  If you have been charged with engaging in sex with a minor, contact the Law Offices of Ned Barnett for a free review of your case.

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