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Mistaken Identity in a Texas Child Sex Crime Case

Mistaken identity is a form of factual innocence, in a sex crime case. A defense attorney may use the mistaken identity defense if his or her client was wrongly or incorrectly accused of a sex crime.

Proving Mistaken Identity

It seems as though it should be simple to prove mistaken identity. However, it can be complicated, depending on the way that the defendant was identified in the first place. For example, DNA evidence is difficult to disprove, but footage on a security camera may be more easily disputed.

Perhaps most unfortunate are cases in which a child has been coached or coerced by another adult to implicate the defendant as someone who has assaulted or abused him or her. In these cases, it is imperative that the defense attorney work to determine the credibility of the child’s testimony.

Protecting Your Good Name

If you have been wrongly or mistakenly charged of committing a sex crime against a child, defense attorney Ned Barnett is ready to fight to help you protect your good name. Call The Law Offices of Ned Barnett today to schedule a free consultation.

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