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Insufficient Evidence In A Sex Crime Case In Houston, Texas

Burden of Proof

In any criminal case, the prosecution is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. This is known as the burden of proof. The prosecution will attempt to establish proof through the use of evidence and witnesses to make a case to the judge and or jury.

Role of Evidence in a Sex Crime Case

In order to meet the burden of proof, the prosecution must have sufficient evidence. In a sex crime case, evidence may come from DNA that was collected from the alleged victim and/or the scene of the crime, expert witness testimony and testimony from other reliable and relevant witnesses.

A judge or jury can find a defendant in a sex crime case not guilty on the basis of insufficient evidence; that is, if the prosecution does not present enough or the right kind of evidence in the case.

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It is important to note that even if the prosecution has evidence against you, there are still ways to fight against the charges you are facing. To learn more, about how we can help you protect your freedom and reputation, contact The Law Office of Ned Barnett today.

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